Volunteer Sign-Up

Start by purchasing your 2023-24 PTA Membership!

A membership is not required to volunteer in the classroom or at some events (when allowed), but to have a vote in where the PTA spends its money, help with planning of events, etc. you must be a paid member of Katherine Elementary PTA. Memberships are $7 and can be purchased online or via cash/check in the front office.

Being Involved Makes a Difference!

Parents, guardians, and family members often ask how they can help their child in school and make it a better experience. The answer is be actively involved in their education! Studies have shown that students whose parents take a active role in their schooling tend to do better both academically and mentally! When children see their parents/guardians or family members helping their school at events or behind the scenes, it lets them know their parents find their education and school important. Parents who are involved tend to stay better informed about what is going on at the school as well!

How Can I Get Involved?

Katherine Elementary PTA plans, runs, and sponsors programs and events for all of our students! However, all those wonderful events and activities can not happen without the help of volunteer support. If you can help in any way--even just for an hour or two--please consider filling out the Volunteer Form or contacting us at: info@katherine-elementary-pta.com. Aren't sure how or where you can help? Just let us know you're interested and we'll let you know what opportunities come up!

Information about some of our open positions can be found HERE. Many of these events require additional volunteers on the day of the event, so be sure to fill out the Volunteer Form so you can be notified when those opportunities arise. Please contact us today at: info@katherine-elementary-pta.com.