All the wonderful events and activities our PTA put on could not happen without the help of volunteer support. 

If you can help in any way--even for just an hour or two--please contact us today at: info@katherine-elementary-pta.com.

If you are interested in helping with any of the OPEN POSITIONS below, please contact us!

Carnival Event Chairs


Katherine’s Crazy Carnival is an annual tradition and one of the most important fundraising events on our calendar. We are currently seeking people to be the lead coordinators. These team players will report back to the board with updates and motions for event plans to be approved.


Carnival Games Chair:

Plans, coordinates, and oversees all the games for the event. We have an inventory of existing games, as well as contacts for traditional items like inflatables. 


Carnival Food Chair:

Coordinates with local resources to provide food for the event, as well as makes sure supplies for food booths are available.


Carnival Prizes Chair:

Plans, orders, and manages all items offered as prizes during the event.

 For the Troops

Candy Drive Chair

Coordinates with For the Troops and Candy Drive Vice-Chair. Promotes event at school with flyers and signage. Arranges for collection containers to be put out at school. Collects donated candy at deadline and coordinates with Vice-Chair for delivery to For the Troops.

Angel Giving Tree Chair

Coordinates with the Salvation Army. Picks up Angels, puts up tree in MPR, and keeps track of permission slips and Angels. Promotes event at school with flyers and signage. Once all Angels and items are turned in they will need to be delivered to the Salvation Army in Simi. 

Holiday Food Drive Chair

Puts out bin(s) for collection and helps coordinate delivery/pick up of items with the Principal. Promotes event at school with flyers and signage.

Holiday Social Chair

The annual Holiday Social in December has been a Katherine tradition for many years! At this event Croc families are invited to come hang out, enjoy holiday treats, do crafts, and visit with a special guest visitor. The chairman can coordinate it all or work with a committee. You will select a theme (Principal and board approval required), promote the event, handle crafts and decorations, arrange the special guest visitor, organize volunteers, coordinate food contributions, etc.



Communications Team Member


The Communications Team is here to help get families the information they need regarding PTA and school events. We are looking for a computer savvy person to help with things such as: social media, event flyers and signage, and public relations. 

Family Pancake Breakfast Chair

Katherine’s annual Family Pancake Breakfast is a very popular tradition at our school. This event comes with a laid out timeline and step by step instructions to follow! The event chair will work with a committee of volunteers to: send out invites to local resources (like a local Fire Station who likes to come help cook pancakes), promote the event on campus, purchase supplies, prep food, coordinate set-up and cleanup, etc.

Spring Fling Chair

The annual Spring Fling is a chance for Croc families to come dance the night away and enjoy some treats. The chairman can coordinate it all or work with a committee. You will select a theme (Principal and board approval required), get quotes for a DJ if needed, promote the event, organize volunteers, coordinate food contributions, etc.


Book Fair Chair


Twice a year we sponsor a book fair for our Croc families. These events are also a fundraising opportunity bringing in $1-2,000 for our school! The Book Fair Chair evaluates vendors to present to board for approval, coordinates dates including drop off and pick up of materials, schedules volunteers, oversees day-to-day operations during event.


RIF Coordinator


The Reading Is Fundamental coordinator organizes the annual book give away at our school. Once a year, sometimes twice, every student is able to shop from hundreds of age appropriate books and select at least one to keep. These books are provided free of charge by the PTA. 


6th Grade Activities Chairs


Do you have a 6thgrader this year? The 6thGrade Activities co-chairs help our 6thgrade teachers with many of the traditional events such as Greek Festival, end of the year activities, and Culmination. The chairs may also assist with grade level fundraising and t-shirt sales at the beginning of the school year.


Teacher & Staff Appreciation


Katherine Crocs love their teachers, staff, and Principal! Every year we let them know by celebrating Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week and Principal’s Day. We are looking for a chair to plan and organize the events.

Junior Olympics &

Field Day Chairs

Junior Olympics is an annual event put on by the Simi Valley PTA/PTSA council. Students in 4ththrough 6thgrade from all Simi schools participate in the annual athletic competition. Students start out by participating in Field Day (January 18, 2019), where they can try their hand at the various get-moving activities. A team of students is then selected to represent Katherine Elementary at the Junior Olympics event.

The Junior Olympics chair and co-chair oversee the running of Field Day, selection of the Student Team, arrange practices for all events, and coordinate all aspects of the team attending the Junior Olympics on Saturday, April 13, 2019. A committee can be established to assist with many of the aspects, with a chair to oversee them. This is a fabulous volunteer opportunity for dads or family members who love to coach kids!



1. Your child benefits

When parents get connected to the school, children do better. Research shows children whose parents are involved get better grades, do better on tests, and have fewer discipline problems at school.


2. We make a difference

Our mission is to create the kind of school community where teachers and administrators can do their best work—and so can our children.


3. We understand your time constraints

People are often reluctant to participate because they're afraid they'll get pulled into a black hole of never-ending time commitment. An hour or two really makes a difference. We won't push you to commit more than you want to or are able to.


4. We have fun

Volunteer work shouldn't be drudgery. We accomplish a lot, and not everything we do is easy. But we know we're not balancing the national debt either.


5. Meet nice people who share your concerns

We all have a common bond. We care about creating the best possible educational experience for our children.


6. There's a lot to be done

These days, schools are asked to do more with less. Our help is needed more than ever to fill the gaps.


7. We can match jobs to your interests and abilities

The work we do covers a broad spectrum: photocopying, planning and executing events, working directly with children, managing a budget, and lots more. We’re thrilled to have people take on tasks that meet their skills and interests.


8. We're welcoming

To us, there are no "outsiders." We are people who have come together to work toward common goals.


9. We're about parent involvement, not just fundraising

In these times of tight budgets, parent groups everywhere are having to fill in the gaps, and so are we. But our number one goal is to get more parents connected to the school. That’s because research studies show building parent involvement in education is the number one thing we can do to create a great school and improve student performance.


10. This work is very rewarding 

t's seeing the smile that shows we're making school a little more fun—and a child feel a little more comfortable in a learning environment. There are lots of rewards, both big and small, for those who get involved.







All visitors on campus (regardless of the purpose of their visit) must sign in at the main office when they arrive to obtain and visibly wear a visitor's

badge for the duration of their time on campus. Visitors must sign out when they leave. This is for the safety of visitors, students, and staff: the school

needs to know who is on campus at all times, especially in the event of an emergency. ALL visitors must wear a visitor badge while on school grounds.

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