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Staff Lounge Wish List

Interested in making a donation to make the Staff Lounge better for our wonderful teachers and staff? Here's a link to some items (small and LARGE) that they'd really appreciate! (This list is still being updated.)

Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week
is May 2-6, 2022!

Katherine Elementary Teachers & Staff are wonderful! Please help us show them how much we appreciate their hard work and dedication! Help make the week extra special by contributing to the food and refreshments we will be hosting all week for the teachers and staff on campus! You can view what's needed and sign up here:


Your teacher’s information and Classroom Wish List will be sent home or you can find the information below.



Make your teacher’s world brighter! Wear your teacher’s favorite color!


Give your classroom some love! Bring an item from your teacher’s classroom Wish List!


Spread the love! Don’t forget all the people who help make our school great! Give a thank you paper flower* or show appreciation to the staff, classroom aides, custodians, campus supervisors, and other helpers on campus! 



Thank You means a lot! Give your teacher a drawing, simple card, or paper flower* to say thank you for all that they do!



Make your teacher feel special! Treat your teacher with a small treat or item they’ll love!


*Four paper flowers will be sent home with the flyer and teacher's information. Please personalize them and give them to teachers and staff members! Additional copies can be found in the office or you can download the page HERE.

Information for some staff members was not available. If you don't see who you're looking for, please share your appreciation with the person in the form of a thank you card, high five, or smile while saying THANK YOU!