Keeping our students, families, and staff safe is of utmost importance during drop off and pick up! We are presently following modified procedures to allow for social distancing and parking lot safety. Please take a moment to review our current procedures and rules, effective as of 1/25/2021.

Kids notice when their parents use the "I'll just be a minute" excuse or act as if the rules don't apply to them. Please exhibit the same C.R.O.C.S. standards we hold our students to:

  • Considerate

  • Respectful

  • Own our actions

  • Communicate effectively

  • Strive for excellence

If you have any questions regarding the parking lot or drop-off and pick-up procedures, please contact our principal, Mrs. Lundstrom!

See below for our safety rules and procedures!

  • Students should only enter or exit the car when you are parked at the YELLOW CURB!

  • DO NOT WALK THROUGH THE PARKING LOT: use the designated crosswalk or sidewalks only!

  • Pay close attention for people walking through crosswalks and drive-ways!

  • DO NOT PARK IN THE STAFF PARKING LOT unless you are in a designated VISITOR spot.


  • Drive slowly in the parking lot and obey speed limits on surrounding streets.

  • Remain patient, courteous, and follow the rules.

  • Cell phones should not be used in the parking lot, especially when students are present.

  • Do not block crosswalks, street access, or driveways.

  • No U-turns on Katherine St. or Kirsten Ave.

  • Please follow campus supervisor directions in the parking lot.

  • “Just for a minute” is not an excuse to break the rules or laws.

  • Do not wait for adults/students in Staff travel lanes (indicated with red arrows on the map).

  • Do not sit in RED CURB ZONES: this severely blocks driver’s vision of the street and pedestrian traffic when

  • pulling out of the parking lot.

  • Do not double park in the street to wait for students or people!



We currently have one drop off route, through the school parking lot. Pull as far forward as possible along the YELLOW CURB. Your child should never exit the car before you reach the yellow curb! Please do not stop specifically by any specific gate, as this impedes the flow of traffic. After exiting the car, your child can walk to their appropriate gate. Your child should only exit the vehicle on the passenger side. Stay in your car and do not leave your car unattended in the unloading areas. If you would like to walk your child up to their gate, please park on the side streets, not in the parking lot.


School ends at 10:45 am. Please give students a few minutes to be released, gather their belongings, and exit to the playground for pick up.


DRIVE-THRU PROCEDURE: In the parking lot, pull as far forward as possible in the line. Do not stop specifically by any specific gate! Once you have reached the Yellow Curb Zone, a Campus Supervisor will approach your vehicle and ask for your child’s name. You can communicate verbally or with a sign that has your student’s name and grade/teacher. Your child will then be notified that you are there. Your child should enter the car on the passenger side only, as this helps ensure children are never walking between cars. Do not leave your car unattended in the loading/unloading areas.


NEW! WALK-UP PROCEDURE: If you choose to park and walk up to your child’s pick up gate, park on the side streets, not in the staff parking lot or in the red curb areas. TK/K and 4th-6th grade students may be picked up at the same areas they enter at for morning drop-off. EFFECTIVE 1/25/21 all 1st-3rd grade student WALK UP pick ups will be excused through the Pedestrian Gate just east of the parking lot on Katherine Street (see map). The Pedestrian Gate will close by approx. 10:55-11:00 am; please proceed to the main gate if it is closed. If you are walking up and have both TK/K/4th-6th and 1st-3rd, please see the Campus Supervisor directing the car line to call for your students. If you are only picking up from one grade set, go to the appropriate gate.


INCLEMENT WEATHER PROCEDURE: We strongly encourage everyone to utilize drive-thru pick up only during inclement weather (rain, excessive wind, etc.) Due to current COVID procedures it makes it very difficult to releasestudents to walk-up parents during inclement weather. The Pedestrian Gate for 1st-3rd grade walk-ups will NOT be utilized during inclement weather.


If you have any questions regarding the parking lot or drop-off and pick-up procedures, please contact our office!