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Katherine Elementary PTA is excited to host our second annual Healthy Living Week! Our goal is to focus on some of the many aspects of healthy living, as an alternative to traditional Red Ribbon Week. This correlates with Katherine Elementary’s Health, Science, & Medical Technology focus!

Monday: The Future Looks Bright!

• Students will receive information on Eye Health and a fun gift!

Tuesday: Backpack Awareness Day!

• Backpacks are a necessary part of student life.

• Students will learn ways to keep their backs healthy!

• Students will be receive a fun Backpack Tag!

Wednesday: Moving Keeps Us Healthy Head To Toe!

• Dress Up Option: Fun Hair and/or Silly Socks!*
• Moving helps keep our bodies healthy and minds happy!
• Students will receive a fun gift to help them keep moving to stay healthy!


Thursday: Express Yourself To Be Your Best Self!

• Dress Up Option: Wear your favorite color(s)!*
• Students will express themselves in Music Class and learn about the healthy benefits of participating in things like art, music, and hobbies.

• Join us for Family Art Night in the MPR on Thursday evening from 6 pm to 7 pm (see separate flyer for details)!

How I’m Feeling Friday!

• Grade level assemblies with our school counselor, to learn about emotions & Zones of Regulation.
• Students will receive fun Growth Mindset items!

*Dress codes still apply to dress up day options.