Our Fall Fundraiser is Happening Now!


It’s a different kind of school year. Now, more than ever, we want to provide support to our amazing students. As we look forward to the return of in-class instruction, we are raising funds to continue providing great programs and activities. We know this time has affected families in different ways, please do not feel obligated to participate if you are unable.

In consideration of COVID-19, everything will be done virtually and mailed to you directly. Additionally, all prizes and incentives for the students will go straight to your home! Please see the enclosed packet for more information. There are many ways to support:

  1. Go to https://store.kidsarefirstfundraising.com/KATH78 and purchase items. You are able to purchase under multiple students in one order/shipment. 40% of monies raised goes to support Katherine Elementary.

  2. Use the “Direct Donation” item. It’s available on the website in $12 increments. Each increment counts as an item sold and incentives and prizes apply to the student. 90% of monies raised goes to support Katherine Elementary.

  3. Use our PayPal account https://www.katherine-elementary-pta.com/donate. Please note that these donations will not give credit towards individual or classroom prizes. 100% of monies raised goes to Katherine Elementary.


As always, we would not be able to do all of this without your help and support! We appreciate everyone so much and are excited for a time when we can get back to seeing each other around campus.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact us HERE!

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